How to support BEEBS' marketplace European growth

Today, we talk to Maxime Drugeon, Head of Operations at BEEBS, the second-hand equipment, clothing and furniture marketplace for children (and their parents) which started in 2020.

With an engaged community of one million parents in France and Belgium and a second fundraising round last October of €6 million, BEEBS "gives the power back" to parents, allowing them to buy while simplifying consumption for their children.


Focus on this promising player in re-commerce, dedicated to children, through our exclusive interview.


BEEBS marketplace started during trhe lock-down. Why did you chose Mondial Relay?

When we launched our marketplace, it was essential for us to work with the market leader for logistics provision. Mondial Relay has developed an out-of-home model and expertise to offer a quality experience to our users. This is what guided our choice.

During the second lock-down, the fact that Mondial Relay maintained its service allowed us to continue to develop BEEBS without any trouble. 


Second-hand: What are the main benefits of this collaboration?

Choosing a logistics provider meant delegating part of our service to a trusted third party. They had to not only commit to delivery dates but also ensure convenience for the seller and the buyer. They had to offer a delivery experience that was an extension of the digital customer experience we offer: optimised and seamless.

Mondial Relay has a very broad network and so gives the possibility for our users to always find a location to drop off or receive a parcel near their home.

In our view the role of customer service is not to solve delivery problems but to support our community: the complaint rate for parcels sent through Mondial Relay is only 1.06%, for example.

Beyond the service, we feel a real willingness of the group to develop and to invest in order to offer an ever better experience for C2C marketplaces. As such, we have always been supported in our development, with teams who are attentive and able to support us in ambitious projects. In particular on the calculation of the Carbon footprint of our items.


In your opinion, what is the added value of Mondial Relay innovations (Lockers and app) for BEEBS marketplace?

Without a shipping solution, second-hand could not have developed so quickly in recent years.

By innovating even more, Mondial Relay goes beyond transport to offer a complete experience to our users, always facilitating the drop-off and pick-up of parcels.

Lockers means offering even more convenience to our community.

The app is about taking over our “mobile-first” experience, which is a real benefit for our members.

Knowing that, until the receipt of an order, our users will be supported and will have innovative solutions available is a real plus for us.



Second hand: How do you see the future with Mondial Relay?

Since our launch, the growth of BEEBS has been very significant with a five-fold increase of orders in a single year and now more than a million users.

With inflationary pressure and environmental awareness, we know that our model meets the needs of parents, regardless of their country.

You want to know more? Take a look at our video and follow us on Youtube! 


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