Our top 6 natural makeup miracle workers 💅💄🏆

As with a lot of makeup, trying before you buy isn’t an option, so there’s always a risk of a product being being a bit of a let down and waste of money. So, we’ve vetted Holland & Barrett’s makeup range and picked out six worthy winners that you would NEVER regret buying. All products chosen are also either cruelty-free or made using all-natural ingredients, … Continue reading Our top 6 natural makeup miracle workers 💅💄🏆

The ULTIMATE guide to holiday packing

The question of “what to pack” for a holiday invariably leads to a myriad of other serious dilemmas (ahem, more like first-world problems): “how will I get under 20kgs?”, “how many bikinis is too many?”, “do I really need to take seven pairs of shoes?”. Fear not! With the help of our pals, boohoo, you can nail your holiday packing with these nine suitcase saviours. Think: pieces … Continue reading The ULTIMATE guide to holiday packing

Time to find your zen 🙏

… and buy ANOTHER pair of gym leggings! 🙌 To achieve the above, see below. Extent of achievement may vary. Just for posers, right?* WRONG. Any experienced yogi will tell you that the goal of yoga isn’t to be able to do a handstand (or to instagram your handstand…). Yes, it can improve your strength, flexibility and balance, but it also does wonders for your mental well-being, … Continue reading Time to find your zen 🙏

Your wardrobe line-up

Our guide to festival fashion ✌️ There’s nothing ‘rock & roll’ about putting extra thought into which clothes you might wear to a music festival. But if you’ve ever been to one before, you’ll know that packing is no mean feat – you want to look effortlessly cool (and have fringing adorned wherever possible), whilst keeping it reasonably practical. So, before you head out into the … Continue reading Your wardrobe line-up