The ULTIMATE guide to holiday packing

The question of “what to pack” for a holiday invariably leads to a myriad of other serious dilemmas (ahem, more like first-world problems): “how will I get under 20kgs?”, “how many bikinis is too many?”, “do I really need to take seven pairs of shoes?”. Fear not! With the help of our pals, boohoo, you can nail your holiday packing with these nine suitcase saviours. Think: pieces … Continue reading The ULTIMATE guide to holiday packing

Your wardrobe line-up

Our guide to festival fashion ✌️ There’s nothing ‘rock & roll’ about putting extra thought into which clothes you might wear to a music festival. But if you’ve ever been to one before, you’ll know that packing is no mean feat – you want to look effortlessly cool (and have fringing adorned wherever possible), whilst keeping it reasonably practical. So, before you head out into the … Continue reading Your wardrobe line-up

The Wedding ‘Guestathon’

Wedding Guestathon /wed-ing gest-uh-thon/ noun attendance of a series of marriage ceremonies over a greater than normal duration, having or likely to have no end. It only takes a few scrolls down your Facebook news feed to notice that wedding season is firmly upon us. Chances are, it’s not just the one RSVP you have coming into fruition. Oh no… It could be two, three … Continue reading The Wedding ‘Guestathon’