Honey honey, how you heal me 🍯🐝

Busy as we all are, we could all do a lot better at taking care of ourselves – eating more fruit and veg, drinking more water, getting more sleep… The list could go on forever.

But even if you’re a quick fix kind of person, you can easily make room for this one ingredient in your life: it’s our favourite health and beauty chameleon of the moment – Manuka Honey.

Natural Healer

With its natural anti-bacterial and healing properties, a drop of manuka on a minor wound or burn can help prevent infection and reduce pain and inflammation.

Immune Booster

Manuka honey can be taken pro-actively to help fend off any lurgies floating around. And like your good old lemon and honey when you’re feeling rough, it’s great for soothing a sore throat.

Digestion Defender

Far from being a gut-buster, manuka can aid in easier and faster digestion and helps to maintain a healthy gut. Goodbye bloating!

Energy Kick

You’ve hit the 3pm slump. Instead of reaching for your go-to energy drink, make yourself some manuka on toast for a more natural buzz.

Skincare Saviour

Just as its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties are great for healing the odd scrape or burn, you can use manuka for treating troubled skin, e.g. acne. It’s also very nourishing for the skin, being a natural moisturiser.

H&B products

Left to right:

The Real Honey Company Total Activity Manuka Honey 15+ 250g£25.99

Dr Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream 50ml£9.49

Manuka Doctor ApiNourish Restoring Night Cream 50ml£24.99

Pukka Organic Lemon, Ginger & Manuka Honey Herbal Tea 36g£2.49

All available at Holland & Barrett. Get FREE next day delivery to an InPost locker when you spend £20 or more. Find your nearest InPost locker here.


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