Here comes the sun…

… stay protected!

colage final (2)

UV protection – we’ve got nothing new [under the sun] to tell you, yet somehow we camp down under those rays and all sense of responsibility melts away. So, let’s sort it out and recite the three S’s:


Slap some on in the morning and you’re done, right? Wrong! Apply liberally every couple of hours and at least 15 minutes before you head out. And don’t forget your lips, too!


Effortlessly chic AND functional: a straw fedora will protect your face, ears, neck and scalp.


As Brits, we’re never shy of sporting our sunglasses at every possible opportunity – just make sure they have UV protection.

(Of course, you can always give yourself a ‘faux glow’ without any of the harmful effects. Cue bronzer.)

Products clockwise from top left:
South Beach Adelaide Sunglasses, £10, Lisa Angel; Tassel Detail Straw Sun Hat ,£8, MissPap; Aloe Pura Sun Lotion, £16.99; Manuka Doctor Lip Balm, £14.99; Beautiful Me Mineral Bronzer, £8; all Holland & Barrett.
All of your e-SSS-entials can be delivered via InPost. Find your nearest locker here.

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