European retailers need Click&Collect to thrive

More than a third of UK-based Christmas Click&Collect shoppers encountered issues with their ‘Click&Collect’ orders, according to the second annual JDA/Centiro Christmas Customer Pulse report.

In a statement issued today (11 January), JDA said: “33% of online Christmas shoppers stated they had experienced issues with their purchases (an increase of 31% from the previous year). Of those shoppers that had encountered any of the problems listed, 48% had suffered from late deliveries or never received their goods; a further 48% had suffered from missed deliveries including when they were at home. Unsurprisingly, more than three-quarters (77%) of Brits online said they would be likely to switch to shopping with an alternative retailer next Christmas as a result of a poor online Christmas shopping experience.”

The research highlighted that despite the perceived issues a growing number (41%) of online Christmas shoppers still opted to use ‘Click&Collect’ services this Christmas compared to 2014 (39%). What’s more, of those respondents that used ‘Click&Collect’ services this Christmas, nearly one in four (24%) said they would use ‘Click&Collect’ more next Christmas. Around 56% said they used Click&Collect to avoid delivery charges, while 49% said it was more convenient than home delivery.

The growing popularity of Click&Collect services is also confirmed by a new report from retail agency Visual Thinking which has claimed that 89% of UK mothers used Click&Collect for their Christmas presents in 2015. Nearly a third of respondents said they were choosing Click&Collect for up to a quarter of their Christmas shopping last year, rising from just 14% in 2014.

The use of Click&Collect services doesn’t grow only during the Christmas holidays. More than half of consumers across Europe regularly use Click&Collect as a delivery option for their online orders, of which 15% use it all or most of the time, according to new Forrester data.

The study also shows that customer expectations for Click&Collect delivery are sky high: 59%of Europeans expect their online orders to be ready for collection from a store within the hour. Yet, most retailers in Europe are struggling to support even same-day collection, according to the research.


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