Topped up trollies for Brits – Is the UK leading the way in the eCommerce Sweep?


The expansion of the eCommerce market within Europe is rapid, increasing by 18.4% in 2014 and expected to rise by a further 18.7% in 2016. With a European average of 47% of the population shopping online, old Blighty is taking eCommerce by storm with over 65.5% of the British public purchasing via the web. IMRG/MetaPack predict a staggering 1.02 billion UK orders will be despatched by the end of the year, rocketing to 1.3 billion by 2017.

How Europe shapes up – percentage of online shoppers per country:

  • Sweden 69.8%
  • France 52%
  • Germany 51%
  • Poland 51%
  • Netherlands 49%
  • Spain 32%
  • Italy 20%

In a survey by Post & Parcel, 73% of Brits were also seen to be increasing the number of online retailers they purchase from, ahead of the French at 64% and Germans at 58%.


What are we buying?

European eCommerce











European eCommerce












Brits may regularly be logging on and tapping in their card details, but are we also top of the charts when it comes to basket value? The average UK online shopper is expected to spend £1,174 online this year, and despite a reduction in overall basket value compared to last year, the volume of individual purchases has risen resulting in an extra £103 spend per person in a year-on-year comparison.

How do our neighbours fare? Germany is set to see the fastest increase in sales in Europe, with online spend predicted to reach £44.61 billion, a growth of 23.1%. Despite being behind the UK in expenditure per person at an annual total of £1,023, German online shoppers becoming eCommerce pros with sales per person increasing by a substantial 14.9% compared to the previous year. Following closely is France with a 10.4% increase, totalling a predicted annual spend of £847 per person across 16.9 purchases. Hot on their heels is Poland with an expected growth of 22.5% by 2016, seeing a 14.2% increase in sales per person. However it is key to note, only 30% of Poles are predicted to shop online with amount spent also significantly lower, coming in at just £205 per person, per annum.

2015 Predicted Online Sales








In the eCommerce Sweep Britain has made a dash and is points ahead, developing a mature online market. Brits have become a population of online consumers represented both in percentage of those shopping online nationwide, the frequency of our web purchases and annual basket value.

The ‘runners-up’, Germany and France, demonstrate similar consumer activity with eCommerce growth continuing to make leaps and bounds, growing exponentially both in the volume of consumers nationwide and individual spend.

And as our eCommerce Sweep comes to an end, enjoy this catchy tune from TV classic Supermarket Sweep:

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