Here comes the sun…

… stay protected!

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UV protection – we’ve got nothing new [under the sun] to tell you, yet somehow we camp down under those rays and all sense of responsibility melts away. So, let’s sort it out and recite the three S’s:


Slap some on in the morning and you’re done, right? Wrong! Apply liberally every couple of hours and at least 15 minutes before you head out. And don’t forget your lips, too!


Effortlessly chic AND functional: a straw fedora will protect your face, ears, neck and scalp.


As Brits, we’re never shy of sporting our sunglasses at every possible opportunity – just make sure they have UV protection.

(Of course, you can always give yourself a ‘faux glow’ without any of the harmful effects. Cue bronzer.)

Products clockwise from top left:
South Beach Adelaide Sunglasses, £10, Lisa Angel; Tassel Detail Straw Sun Hat ,£8, MissPap; Aloe Pura Sun Lotion, £16.99; Manuka Doctor Lip Balm, £14.99; Beautiful Me Mineral Bronzer, £8; all Holland & Barrett.
All of your e-SSS-entials can be delivered via InPost. Find your nearest locker here.
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Droves of brave souls will take to the streets of Greenwich this Sunday to begin the London marathon.

Now, we know that even the mere thought of running 26 miles could be setting all manner of palpitations, shudders and stomach flips in motion, but it may leave you feeling inspired to hit the pavement in a slightly more manageable way!

Enter Decathlon. From breathable clothing to investment-worthy trainers, here is some of their best long-distance running gear.

And don’t forget it’s FREE delivery and returns with InPost! Find your nearest locker here.


updated womens collage

Kalenji t-shirt £3.99

Kalenji cropped bottoms £14.99

Asics running shoe £119.99

Kalenji crop top with heart rate monitor £19.99


updated mens collage
Asics running shoe £99.99

Salomon flask 14.99

Kalenji shorts £4.99

Kalenji t-shirt £3.99

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Online fashion retailer Miss Pap has announced a new partnership with InPost UK in a bid to maximize the opportunity of a rising demand for Click and Collect.


In a first, Miss Pap will be offering free delivery and free returns to an InPost locker, enabling its customers to collect or return their purchases 24/7 at a convenient location and at a time that suits them. The new initiative puts an end to waiting in for a home delivery and solves the problem of missed deliveries.

InPost has a network of 1,100 automated parcel lockers across the UK. These are primarily located at Morrisons stores, petrol forecourts and tube and train stations. All are located in well-lit locations with plenty of parking, making it safe and easy for customers to collect their purchases. Collection takes just seven seconds and the process is fully automated.


Andy Porter, Head of Logistics at Miss Pap, commented: “Providing an excellent shopping experience to all our customers is really important to us at Miss Pap and we are confident our new partnership with InPost will help us to deliver that. The ease of the shopping experience is vital to ensure we maintain return customers and bring in new ones alike. InPost is a fantastic proposition for shoppers who seek convenience.”

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, comments: “E-commerce continues to be a huge growth area but the right shopper offering, especially efficient delivery, is key. We are delighted to be working with Miss Pap and helping them to boost e-commerce sales by providing its customers with a simple solution to collect purchases.”

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Naked Wines Raises A Glass To More Convenient Deliveries Thanks To InPost UK

Naked Wines, the customer-funded wine business, is making it more convenient than ever for its customers to receive their deliveries through a new partnership with InPost UK. Shoppers are now able to pick up their order at any of the over 1,100 automated lockers across the UK at any time of the day, any day of the year.

With the new service, Naked Wines expands its click and collect service to its 300,000 subscribers, enabling them to choose the InPost locker most conveniently located for them to pick up their wine delivery 24/7. All parcel lockers are located in secure locations with ample parking space, including petrol, tube, and train stations as well as Morrisons branches.

Lay of the Land Destination Sauvignon Blanc 2013.jpeg

The partnership with InPost puts an end to waiting in for home deliveries, queuing at the post office or missed deliveries. It also offers additional piece of mind to Naked Wines shoppers by keeping them up to date on the whereabouts of their delivery. And once the wine has been delivered to the parcel locker of choice, customers will receive a unique barcode via text or email to ensure that nobody else can get to it. The process of picking up any delivery is fully automated and takes as little as seven seconds.

Eamon Fitzgerald, Naked Wines’ UK Managing Director, commented: “We’re delighted to roll out this service to our customers in partnership with InPost UK. Our Angel customers invest in our wines up-front, and deserve to get their wines when it suits them. We’re always looking for ways to make life easier for our customers, and InPost’s national footprint and logistics expertise are the perfect solution.”

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, added: “The new partnership with Naked Wines is a very exciting one for us. Until now, we have traditionally partnered with clothing retailers and selected food retailers. To add a successful wine business like Naked Wines to our portfolio is a great step into a new sector. They are a prime example of how popular click and collect has become and the importance of a great customer experience.”

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LG Electronics partners with InPost to offer round-the-clock convenience

LG Electronics has partnered with parcel locker service InPost UK, enabling its UK customers 24/7 access to more than 1,100 automated lockers for an easy and efficient way to collect and return mobile devices.

LGE_Logo_3D_Basic(W)This latest service will help LG streamline its warranty repair service, making it more convenient for customers to send and return phones through InPost lockers. Situated in secure locations across the UK, InPost lockers can be found at convenient and accessible locations ranging from petrol stations to supermarkets.

Via the InPost partnership, post office queues and missed deliveries will be a thing of the past, with customers instead simply choosing the most conveniently located parcel locker, to be accessed at a time suitable to them. Once the device is collected and repaired, phone owners will receive a unique barcode via text or email, ensuring unauthorized third parties cannot gain access to their parcel. Instead fixed handsets are dropped to the same parcel locker, where it can be picked up hassle-free day or night, seven days a week.

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, added: Our partnership with LG Electronics is a great example of how we can work together with market-leading brands to support their service offering and, in doing so, increase customer satisfaction.  Especially when things go wrong, e.g. when technical devices get damaged, companies have the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive by providing excellent and speedy customer service to rectify the problem.  InPost offers the perfect return and delivery solutions to complement LG Electronics’ customer service thanks to its network of almost 1,100 lockers, all of which are accessible 24/7. 

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Making Sport Accessible! Decathlon Partners With InPost UK

Sports retailer Decathlon has announced a new partnership with InPost UK in a bid to maximise the opportunity presented by a rising demand for Click & Collect.


The new service, which will launch on Thursday, 4th August, will enable Decathlon customers to get their online purchases delivered to one of over 1,100 fully automated InPost parcel lockers nationwide. All of these are situated in safe and secure locations with ample parking space, including Morrisons and Toys ‘R’ Us branches as well as petrol, railway, and tube stations. They are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year round. Decathlon customers who use InPost will receive a unique barcode to open their locker, which takes as little as seven seconds thanks to the fully automated process.

Shoppers will be able to choose the InPost parcel locker most conveniently located for them, e.g. near their homes, offices or other places they visit regularly. They will also receive notifications on delivery times via email and text, which helps to eliminate waiting-in times and uncertainty about the whereabouts of a parcel. On average, locker locations are no more than two miles away from urban customers, making it more convenient than ever to receive orders.

Chris Baggaley, Head of Omni-Channel Operations at Decathlon, commented: “Decathlon UK are delighted to start working with InPost. Our aim is to make sport accessible to the many by providing all year round low prices, convenience and excellent customer service. InPost lockers will provide our customers a safe, quick and simple way to access our products in over 1,100 new locations. As the lockers are accessible 24/7 it means that our products will be available for collection outside our normal Click and Collect and home delivery times.”

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, added: “Decathlon is a fantastic new partnership for us, and we’re delighted to be expanding our offering inside the sports sector. Like all retailers, they are presented with a great opportunity right now to grow their sales through e-commerce. However, to fully capitalise on this, they had to ensure that their logistics chain offers a convenient, reliable and fast delivery service for their customers. This is exactly what InPost is all about, and we are looking forward to supporting Decathlon in increasing their customer satisfaction levels.”


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Holland & Barrett Partners With InPost UK to Boost E-Commerce Sales

Health retailer Holland & Barrett is responding to the rise in demand for Click & Collect by joining forces with InPost UK, making it more convenient than ever for shoppers to receive their online purchases.

orig_img54aa7e9532c16.jpg-2Launching the new service on 18th July, Holland & Barrett is going to offer its customers the option to get their deliveries sent to one of nearly 1,100 automated InPost parcel lockers across the UK. This new service will allow Holland & Barrett customers to order their favourite items online and pick up those purchases within a matter of seconds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at locations near their homes, offices or places they frequent during their busy lives. It also includes notifications on delivery times via email and text, eliminating waiting-in times and uncertainty about the whereabouts of a parcel. On average, locker locations are no more than two miles away from average urban customers, making it more convenient than ever to receive orders.

The new partnership will be supported by an online and Social Media campaign to raise awareness and engage Holland & Barrett customers on the benefits of the new service.

Emma Mead, Director of E-Commerce at Holland & Barrett International, said: “We have seen a big increase in online orders over the last year, which comes as no surprise as our customers are often time poor and not in a position to wait at home during the day for their deliveries to arrive. At the same time, many can’t receive any items at work, but would rather pick up their purchases in a location and at a time that’s convenient for them, e.g. on their way home from the office. The partnership with InPost UK is the perfect solution for us, as it makes failed deliveries a thing of the past and increases customer satisfaction.”

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, added: “The e-commerce sector is growing rapidly, offering a real opportunity for retailers to grow their sales through this channel. However, they have to be in a position to offer a delivery service that is not only reliable but also sophisticated, convenient, and easy to use if they want to keep their customers happy. Our new partnership with Holland & Barrett is exciting for us as a business, as it represents our first step into the Health Products industry and we are pleased it is with such a well-respected brand.

Holland & Barrett’s product offering is synonymous with making people feel better in their own skin, and we are looking forward to supporting the company in making their range more conveniently accessible than ever before.” 

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The Seven Second Solution

Ian Caminsky, CEO at InPost UK, gives Post&Parcel a preview of the company’s expansion plans.

For busy people, time is priceless. They buy online because they don’t want to lose precious hours or minutes trudging around shops and queueing at the counter. So they clearly won’t want to waste whole days waiting at home for their parcels or driving to out-of-way depots to pick up their failed deliveries (and ending up in a queue after all!).

Automated parcel lockers have been designed to cut through all that time wasting; and InPost has been refining its technology so the access procedure takes just seven seconds.

In just a few years, InPost has built a UK-wide network of almost 1,100 parcel lockers.

“Over the next three to six months, we will be installing 300 more locker facilities,” Caminsky reports, “and in nine months’ time the full UK network will have more than 1,600 sites.”

As Post&Parcel has been reporting over the past few months, InPost has been driving the roll-out further through some interesting new partnerships. Lockers are now appearing at London Underground tube stations – courtesy of a tie-up with Transport for London (TfL) – as well as more rail stations and supermarkets. In March, for example, InPost announced an agreement with Morrisons which will eventually lead to a locker facility at every branch nationwide.

We are focusing on delivering an excellent density in urban areas,” explains Caminsky, “and our ultimate goal is to be able to say that if you live in the UK, you will only be five or ten minutes away from an InPost locker.

“In general, that will be a five or ten-minute drive; but in dense urban areas we are talking ‘walking time’.”

The network expansion is bringing lockers ever closer to the people and, importantly, fitting in with their lifestyles.

As Caminsky explains: “It’s not just a case of logging someone’s postcode and finding a locker close to their home. We now use three markers: home, work and a place you go to frequently; this could be a gym or a supermarket, for example. Then we can triangulate to find the location which is most convenient to you.”

The journey to the locker is becoming ever quicker and convenient; and when you get there, Caminsky says, you can access your parcels in just seven seconds.

“All our lockers are located in safe areas outside buildings, so you can use them 24/7 and the access system is simple, quick and secure. And they are purpose built for quick collection,” Caminsky adds. “You don’t have the queueing and waiting that you would probably have to endure at an in-store Click & Collect counter.”

In addition to the continuing roll-out of the physical network, InPost has been extending its partnerships with online retailers offering the lockers as both collection and return points for their customers. “Over the next few weeks,” says Caminsky, “we will be launching more Tier 1 retailers – from the world of fashion and other categories.”

So, that’s more users, more retailers – and InPost is also wooing more carriers.

InPost’s four main carriers at the moment are – in alphabetical order – APC, DHL, DX and UK Mail. However, Caminsky says that the company is always talking with all the major carriers and its objective is to be a “carrier-agnostic” system.

“We believe that lockers can satisfy everyone in the e-commerce ecosystem,” concludes Caminsky.

“For the customer, they offer a fast, convenient, and always available way to get their parcels; for the retailers, lockers strengthen their relationship with the customer because they can offer a great range of delivery options to suit them; and for the carriers, lockers are a way of eliminating failed deliveries, which drives costs down and allows them to make a profit out of the highly-competitive B2C market.”

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