Five easy ways to go organic 🌱🤗

Going organic is no mean feat, particularly as the lifestyle choice can have a heftier price tag, which is why we’ve put together a list of just five easy organic swaps that’ll give you a little more peace of mind, without breaking the bank. Peanut Butter No longer a mere sandwich filler, the protein-rich spread has risen up to be a kitchen cupboard staple, whether you … Continue reading Five easy ways to go organic 🌱🤗

The Cheat’s Guide to buying the perfect birthday present 🎁👯

Picking out a present for a friend’s birthday is one of life’s unexpected mini-struggles. You want it to be meaningful, but you end up defaulting to the fail-safe option of prosecco and flowers for one (or more) of the following reasons: you’re time-poor you’ve lacked inspiration since the Pandora bracelet/ring of ’13 you struggle remembering your own birthday, let alone those of your friends. That’s why … Continue reading The Cheat’s Guide to buying the perfect birthday present 🎁👯

Holiday kicks, home or away 🌞🌦️

Whether it’s the perfectly white sands and clear-blue waters of the Caribbean, or the endearing unpredictability of a Cornish seaside jolly that hails you this Summer, we’ve got the best pick of Decathlon’s summer sport range to help you make the most of your beach break. HOLIDAY Easybreath Snorkelling Mask, £24.99 If a regular snorkel fills you with you a teency bit of dread at the … Continue reading Holiday kicks, home or away 🌞🌦️

Ace your tennis threads 👌🎾

Today marks the official start of the Wimbledon Championships, and with it, Wimbledon fever: the perpetual longings for sun, strawberries & cream, live streaming centre court from the office, and that instinctive urge to ask: “anyone for tennis?” So if you do fancy picking up a racket again, or if it’s just that your tennis gear is in need of a service, Decathlon can help … Continue reading Ace your tennis threads 👌🎾

Nature = Nurture

Embrace the healing powers of nature this World Environment Day with these all-natural skincare superheroes. Dead Sea Spa Magik Bath Salts £5.99 Ditch the bubbles and prepare to be healed. Good for: Re-hydrating dry skin and relieving symptoms of skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema Aches and pains Certified Organic Rosehip Oil £19.99 Not so kind on the ol’ purse strings, but oh so kind … Continue reading Nature = Nurture

Move over champers, there’s a new kid on the block

It’s sparkling wine with a stiff upper lip. And it says sorry. A lot. It’s hardly surprising that as a nation of avid wine drinkers we decided to have a go at making the stuff ourselves. England is now home to over 450 vineyards, many of which you can actually visit yourself (minibreak, anyone? You’re welcome…). English Wine Week (27th May – 2nd June) is … Continue reading Move over champers, there’s a new kid on the block